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Decorative quarter cup bras

What are quarter cup bras?

The quarter cup bra is the most sensual type of bra and it is the type which showcases the bust. The cup of the quarter cup bra only covers the quarter of breast and leaves the rest of the part bare. It is very commonly used by the women who want to attract their partners. Usually this type of bras is preferable on honeymoons. The quarter cup bras are available in all size of women.

The women with small and medium bust are more preferable to have the quarter cup bras. Moreover they are well designed and with different styles. Thus the quarter cup bras are decorative rather than supportive. They cannot be used in regular days as they cannot fit the breast properly in it.  They provide a dramatic uplift and cleavage. The quarter cup bra is usually three quarter which covers the nipples and lifts the top of the breasts. These types of bras create a rounded cleavage and never cover the breasts fully.

Quarter cup bras for women

Women who have broad shoulders and firm breasts look great with these type of bras. The women with narrow shoulders are not likely to suit this type of bra.  The women who love to wear the v neck and square neck clothes are likely to use these bras. The top swell of the breast remains outside and thus make the women look sexy. It is very fashionable and thus preferred by many women. So if you are planning to attract your partner then this type of bras is best.